MDI Command Bar

This is a CCommandBarCtrl extension to fully support the MDI architecture.

The implementation consists of three classes: CCommandBarCtrl2 manages the additional MDI buttons, CMDIChildWindowImpl2 forwards the size changes to CCommandBarCtrl2 and CMDIChildWinImplTraits2 implements a helper class to keep the maximize state when creating a new MDI child window. The class definitions and implementations are in the file AtlCmdBar2.h, which is included in the demo project.

How to use the control in your WTL App

First, include the file AtlCmdBar2.h in your applications .cpp file. Then replace the definition of the main frames command bar CCommandBarCtrl m_CmdBar; with CCommandBarCtrl2 m_CmdBar; in mainfrm.h. Finally replace all instances of CMDIChildWindowImpl with CMDIChildWindowImpl2 in ChildFrm.h. That's all.


About the implementation

The additional MDI buttons are implemented as custom draw buttons of the menu toolbar and are drawn via DrawFrameControl(). These are added/removed in respond to a size change of the MDI child window. Additionally, WM_MDISETMENU has to be handled to insert the MDI child windows menu into the new frame window menu.

Below are detailed explanations of the most interesting functions.