I got a new Mouse

About hardware configuration software

This entry was first published on November 20, 2005, 01:13 AM, CET and categorized as Users are....

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…and it (the Logitech MX518) rocks :]

The problem I have is the configuration software that accompanied it. Why? Because it limits the configuration of the individual buttons: certain settings are only available for the buttons that were design to trigger the functionality. The button that defaults to "browsers history forward" cannot be set to "browser history back". Same goes for the other buttons: the default configuration is only available for the that button, there is no way to switch the functionality.

Additionally, the UI shows "Standardtaste" ("Default button") - this might be a localization thing only, though - for the default configuration. What's the standard for a (other than the left and right and maybe the middle) button? With 8 buttons and a flyer for the manual only users will tend to forget (or better: not even know) the default…

Lesson learned today: users do not expect what you assume.

Update: The new version of the Set Point software fixes this.


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