Frequent Harbours

Frequently visited sites, in alphabetical order.

// hicksdesign
Jon Hicks' journal
Aaron Marten's WebLog
VSIP for Newbies
Accidental Scientist
Simon Cooke's blog
Originally this site was to be called Ten Miles to Disneyland: Work and Play in Orange County.
Andy Budd::Blogography
Web design, photography, travel, movies, macs, and more.
About user-centered, Web standards-based solutions and more.
Brian Johnson about VS.NET developement and other stuff
C++ Potential
Brandon Bray about C++ Compiler and Language Design
Geeky Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts from Charlie Kindel.
Chris Pratley's OneNote WebLog
OneNote and Word
Duncan Mackenzie discusses Visual Basic .NET and other programming topics…
Craig Skibo's WebLog
Postings about VS.NET
Daring Fireball
About Macs from down under
Design by Fire :: Everything
From the school of hard knocks, where we always burn the midnight oil with a passion for design.
DonXML Blog
The East Coast Don, an evangelist for XML, SVG, and .Net.
Dunstan's blog
Web stuff and Photos
Canadian thoughts about everything
Fabulous Adventures In Coding
Eric Lippert on WSH and VSTO development
Game Matters
Design, Business and Marketing — An insider's view of the game industry.
Hand Coding
Hand Coding
Herb Sutter's Blog
A Web site devoted to discussion of Web development, with an emphasis on online journalism.
I Love that New Syntax Smell
C++ articles, code snippets, musings, etc. from Andy Rich.
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report
Web design news, info, and insights since 1995. CSS layout, XHTML, usability, accessibility. Designing with web standards. ISSN #1534-0309.
Joel on Software
Joel Spolskys famous essays about software management.
Martyn Lovell
Architect and Development Lead working in the team that produces Visual C++
A semi-daily expository and exploratory on all things web, design, and typographic.
Nick Bradbury
The author of TopStyle and FeedDemon
PN Devlog
Programmers Notepad Development News and Random Thoughts.
Schneier on Security
A weblog covering security and security technology.
scooblog by josh ledgard
program manager | "community stick-wielder" | devdiv
SecureCoder by Anil John
Architecture & Security in an Imperfect World
Simon Willison's Weblog
PHP, Python, CSS, XML and general web development
Sjoerd Visscher's weblog
Pondering those web technologies that may change the future of the world wide web.
Postings about topics as diverse as life itself – but always with a focus on design, technology and the web.
Surfin' Safari
Safari (the OSX browser) News & Updates
The Art of Adam Betts
A Graphic Arts Weblog
The Old New Thing
Raymond Chen's log - not actually a .NET blog
Thoughts From Eric
Things that Eric A. Meyer, CSS expert, writes about on his personal Web site; it's largely Web standards and Web technology, but also various bits of culture, politics, personal observations, and other miscellaneous stuff
Design discussions.
zlog - simple yet effective
web design/development news and interviews