New Versions

Some thoughts on recent new releases of the applications I use often. And instead of concentrating on the goodness I am in the mood to point out the annoying parts.

This entry was first published on November 30, 2005, 06:31 AM, CET and categorized as Misc.

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WinZip 10.0 (6685)

Updating WinZip always results in a reset to default options.

RSSBandit v1.3.0.38

Eventually no custom build to enable my bron (Björns River Of News, not released yet) theme anymore :] The new notification icons look a bit funky, though: the working one seems to notify unread items, while the one used when unread items are available looks a bit weird. The notification icon status updates are still a bit off, too.

Firefox 1.5

That was the first thing I saw.

Twice. Good to be able to identify the extensions in question on a glance to contact the author.

The next step was to check the JS Console to see which extensions failed and wondered who came up with the idea to flood it even more with useless errors: CSS parsing errors do not have much in common with JavaScript errors. Finding the errors you are interested in will be even harder now with all this internal browser and CSS errors from random pages junk… Tab sorting, on the other hand, is cool.

WTL 7.5

Cool :]


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